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Warm water

Is the source of cleanliness and good health
in every building

All roads lead to the

natural energy

Every source of heat is different and must be individually accessed. The earth’s heat is acquired with earth probe, earth- or compact collector.
The ground water is again used with suction and tube wells.
The simplest and fastest way of installation is finally the use of air with an air-/water-heat pump.
During the installation of a heat pump boiler the energy saved in the air can be used especially
efficient and flexible.

Without high investment costs one can today acquire heat with an innovative heat pump boiler from cost-free environmental energy, and this can be used for preparing hot water. The new type of boiler system acquires heat from the room air in the building and thus heats the water.


An intelligent system for good health.

The use of the energy stored in the earth, the ground water and the air means a big step forward.
The picture shows for example the consequent and comfortable use of renewable energy.
Renewable energy is available everywhere and can be used intelligently. This is valid above all for the heat stored in the earth, the ground water and the air.
The Oekoboiler acquires the heat with the most modern technology.
Der Oekoboiler gewinnt die Wärme mit modernster Technologie, die im Prinzip auf der Arbeitsweise eines Kühlschranks beruhen. Diese dient jedoch im umgekehrten Prozess der Erwärmung des Wassers. In einem Kreisprozess wird die der Umwelt entzogene Wärme auf ein höheres Temperaturniveau gebracht, und kann somit für Heizzwecke verwendet werden.

Dieser Vorgang benötigt nur noch ca. 30% an herkömmlicher Energie in Form von Strom. Die Wärmeenergie wird direkt an den Heizkreislauf weitergegeben.


Example Solar-System

Flexible, cost effective and cleverly combined

An Oekoboiler is an efficient solution for the preparation of hot water in the new construction as well as in the building. It can cover the requirement of hot water for a whole year independent of the available heater.
The connection with a present boiler takes care of maximum warm water comfort and avoids the <> operation of the boiler in the warm season. With the Oekoboiler all paths to the combination with additional heat producers will open. All the same, whether a solar system or a boiler should be additionally connected. The storage as well as the regulation of the heat pump is suitable for a bivalent operation.


The Oekoboiler can also dry and cool. It also takes care of suitable ventilation. This however without traceable warm air withdrawal and without noticeable draft.

Example laundry room / living room

» drying and ventilating

- Warm water preparation from the circulation- or living room air
- Other uses:
1. Drying of clothes in the laundry room
2. Ventilation of the laundry room (a hygienic pipe system)
3. Low on noise

Example cellar/bathroom

» cooling and drying

- Warm water preparation from warm bathroom air
- Other uses:
1. Cooling of the store- and wine cellar (constantly controllable temperature)
2. Exhaust of the moist air from the wet rooms (Bathroom/WC)

Example heating room/ cellar

» cooling and drying

- Warm water preparation from warm bathroom air
- Other uses:
1. Cooling of the store- and wine cellar (constantly controllable temperature)
2. Exhaust and ventilation of the warm heating room air

Example heating room

» ventilation and cooling

- Warm water preparation from warm heating room air circulation
- Other uses:
1. Ventilation of warm heating room with additionally generated air circulation and with incoming fresh air
2. Controlled cooling of the heating room

Plug and Play The Oekoboiler offers a simple installation with the "plug and play" method. The device simply has to be filled up with water according to the manual, and has to be connected with the included indoor plumbing fittings, and finally it  has to be connected to the 230V electricity plug. And than you may see all advantages of the Oekoboiler device!


The Oekoboiler offers multiple protection, safety and comfort for the user Safety

Safety protection: assembled safety switch, which switches off automatically with excess voltage or in case of short-circuit. Also a leakage current protection is integrated.

Intelligent protection system: Safety from pressure- and voltage surplus, compression overload- and overheating protection.

Safety valve for protection: In the inside of the boiler a water- and temperature sensor is found, which guarantees the absolute functionality and safety of the user.

The Oekoboiler, produced from qualitatively high value Panasonic parts, is a real technical advancement in water heating for the private and professional use. The professionally used air- and energy column used in this, as well as the explicit use of the warm water –water pump technology guarantees a comfortable and safe use of this energy saving device.

Advantages, which you are convinced about


» Up to 70% energy saving in comparison to original boilers.

» Ecological and environment friendly

» Simple installation  Plug and Play

» Can be combined with alternative heating systems

» Solar energy suitable

» High value Panasonic components

» 2 year warranty

» Subvention Money accepted  Energie Zukunft Schweiz

» For Swiss government supplied contributions to your residence please visit:

» TüV and WPZ certified


TUV and WPZ certified




Double Energy

The flexible double energy system

The double- energy- system from air and power for intelligent and energy - saving water heating. Within shortest time can be used during any weather condition comfortably.
Enjoy hot water every time and everywhere. The Oekoboiler is the perfect combination of energy - saving and modern design.

Energy Efficiency A +

Our Oekoboiler meets the highest energy efficiency levels in accordance with the guidelines and requirements of the European Union. Thus, the energy label ErP (Energy-related Products, ErP) could be obtained with the value A + for a particularly economical and ecological use of the Oekoboiler products.


Energy-related Products

Technical datas

(Certificates: WPZ of Switzerland, TüV Germany, ROHS, EN:16147)

Technical datas - PDF  |  Download - ZIP  |  View - JPG

(Certificates: FWS, SVGW, WPZ of Switzerland, TüV Germany, ROHS, EN:16147 incl. Service Flange opening)

Technical datas - PDF  |  Download - ZIP  |  View - JPG

(certificates: TüV Germany, ROHS, EN:16147 inkl. service hole)

Technical datas - PDF  |  Download - ZIP  |  View - JPG

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